Hi! I’m Simon, the developer of The SpellBots and I share my thoughts here and on Twitter .

At MightyMango, our aim is to create simple yet powerful tools for teachers and learners. Our mission is to create easy to use tools that save teachers precious time, provide them with the information needed to help their pupils and encourage and motivate pupils to learn.

I’ve spent a lifetime building ‘stuff' for education. So, if you have any project ideas that you would like to build, feel free to get in touch in order to make something awesome together 😎 - simon@mightymango.ltd.

We have trial accounts that let you play around with the The SpellBots to make sure it's for you   →   Give it a try


Just a few pointers about The SpellBots:


Teachers can create their own lists or borrow from the lists provided by The SpellBots. These lists can then be set for individual pupils, groups or the whole class.


A timesaving tool that isn’t easy to use wouldn’t be of much use. So we have invested a large amount of time and effort making sure that The SpellBots are just that, extremely easy to use.

Big Data!

The SpellBots provides teachers with a wealth of useful information such as which spelling patterns are children struggling with, how often are they practising and which pupils are finding their words ‘too easy’.


Although I am a one-man-army maker, I strive to help quickly via simon@mightymango.ltd. 👨🏻‍💻

Currently available for exciting projects.