Launch Day

We are excited to announce that after 2 years of development, close to 300k lines of code, gallons of coffee and more than a few Spicy Italians from Subway, we are finally ready to release version 1 of The SpellBots to the World.

We didn’t create just another spelling system……..

We talked with teachers.

We listened to teachers.

We then tailored made a spelling management and learning system that every teacher dreamed of and now thanks to The SpellBots can actually have.

They asked for analytics, so now they can see how well learners are doing, what spelling patterns are causing problems, not just for their class but also for the whole school.

Teachers asked for leader boards – we gave them a leader board that rewards children based not on their results but on the amount of effort they put in and the improvement they achieve.

The result, a spelling system that pupils love to use and which saves teachers time and provides them with the information to help their learners achieve more.

unsplash-logoLuca Upper

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